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Thursday, February 16, 2012

How time passes...

Oh wow what a year it has been! I have finally hit my one year of being on the medication Tysabri, something I never thought was going to happen considering how hard it was to find a medication to treat my progressive relapsing MS. There is just one bad thing...not only can this medication cause and brain virus called PML but also makes me prone to other serious desieses such as cancer! So guess which one I got?! CANCER. Okay so its way way worse then it sounds atleast to me, my doctors FREAKED! A simple case of melanoma on my chest from a mole that i swear I have had always and forever. Good news is that I had a great surgyn who operated fast and got it ALL!

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  1. you poor thing!! Im glad they found it and got it all. your strength is so inspiring! love you girl