MS & I

Monday, March 7, 2016


walking & MS don't really go together, well in my case it sure doesn't! A few weekend ago we were invited to go on a fun little adventure with our friends. Of course in my mind all I could think of is that a lot of walking would be involved. So I grabbed my walking sticks (basically ski poles) & hoped for only the best. The first day started off with a mile and a half "hike" to dead horse point. I say "hike" because in all reality any healthy person would just call it a long walk on dirt. I was determined! When starting I was feeling pretty dang good & had the confidence that I would be able to finish! After about 10 minutes it was already time for me to sit down, catch my breath & give my heavy legs a rest! Ok let be honest for a moment... my fashionable mind got the best of me when I wore clothing and shoes that defiantly not suited for any type of out door activity other than a BBQ or picnic. 

Anywayw... like I was saying, I lasted about 10 minutes while resting I realized that I have not gone on a hike the entire 6 years that I have had MS. & that last summer it was my goal to complete one. So with that thought I got up and kept going. Sure I maybe walked 5-10 minutes in-between breaks. But with the support of my husband & amazing friends I made it.

I couldn't believe that I could actually say that I SAMANTHA finished a one and a half mile hike. The end result was beautiful in everyday possible & was proud to say that I did walk it. Sure it probably took a few hours to complete. But I was so lucky to have a supportive team behind me, to push & encourager me. 
So here's to more outdoor fun this summer. I refuse to let MS take what little I have left. As long as I am not in a wheel chair you can consider the fact that I CAN DO IT!