MS & I

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Don't Ask
I Have MS

Note the white and pink jewls and the pink tennis balls in the photos above
Going off my medication while I wait to get on my new meds forced me to pull out my walker in case of a bad day. This reminded me that I never took any pictures of the work that I have done on it. I also decided to show off a cute shirt that my sister in-law made for me after telling her all the odd looks i get from people when they see me with a walker or in a wheel chair.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Whats up Doc?...

Went to the MS doctor last Thursday and got all my testing done for this new drug called Tysabri. Thankfully this is just a once a month deal and not a once a day shot! This is as good as it gets MS medication wise. I do have to say the good attitude at the doctors kinda went out the window when I was taken on a little tour of the infusion facilities. I was walking past the four small infusion rooms that seemed pack with people and old people if you don't mind me saying. Its as if they looked at me and were saying "join us". I know that the common age for being diagnosed is 20 to 40 but why do I feel like I am the youngest one with this thing? OK so I know that's going a little over board, but I must say it was a bit intimidating. Just trying to put a smile on my face one way or another. although I don't look forward to "joining them" I do look forward to this new medication and finding the laughter in all the many situations I find my self in.
"Laughter gives us distance. It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it and then move on." - Bob Newhart

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bad news bears...

That was the first think to come to mind when I received a phone call from my doctor and she said "I have bad news." My heat jumped to my throat not only because hearing bad new from a doctor is in fact bad, but because I was so very sure that I was doing so well.
My last visit with my MS doctor was in the beginning of January and as with any routine check up I walked and showed my balance for her and I must say that I was rather pleased with my self. As a yearly precaution I was given an order for an MRI. Two weeks ago I received a basic brain scan and waited for the results. When a week went by I figured "no news is good news". Yesterday after having a no fun day in court for a fraud case. I received a call from the doctor letting me know that the MRI did not come back with the anticipated results. The lesions in my brain have multiplied, grown and are "active" (not to sure what that means yet). I replied with a peppy "ok!" and prepared for the break down. I know that is normal and this is all about ups and downs but I was really hoping for a break this time. So off the the hospital for more testing for a new drug they want me to try. The good news about this is that this medication is supposed to be the "best of the best". I can only hope for the best and not this get me down.