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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hospital...a home away from home

My hospital stay was initially 2 days. This then turned into almost 2 weeks. After the MRI Dr. Fantle suggested that I get a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) and a chest x-ray. I dreaded the lumbar puncture, but when the time came the amazing staff at IMC was able to calm my nerves and I honestly could not feel the procedure what so ever. The only draw back was the next day it hurt. After 4 days on the 14th floor I was transferred to the 12th neurological rehab floor because I still walked like a drunk. The 12th floor was amazing and they took amazing care of me. I had physical and occupational therapy 6 times a day, so my day was always jammed packed with my wonderful visitors, OT, and PT. The amazing PT were able to get me walking normal again (well I thought it was normal) I honestly can not remember the last time I walked with out holding on to a wall. I always remember telling my husband that I would cry the first time I could walk normal again. Finally the time came for me to head home. I was sent home with an awesome walker, which I truly do love, although I look like a 90 year old trapped in a 21 year olds body. You would be surprised how many stares from others you receive. I do miss the hospital and all the wonderful people who assisted in my recovery.

I may look funny, but this is amazing for me!

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