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Friday, May 20, 2016


my new nickname from a friend... A couple of weeks ago I had the awesome experience of getting in a major car accident. I guess you could say I have experienced almost everything dramatic! I swear  this world is out to get me! I so far have survived MS, cancer, a week in the ICU & now a crazy car accident that completely totaled my car but, I walked away. I spent less time in the hospital then I usually do. Like my husband says "nobody can kick your ass but you"

I was spun across 3 lanes of traffic & and ended up on the front lawn of a Subway.
(I was trying to turn left)

what is so crazy is that I felt like I was in a movie going "slow mo" as I saw the truck speed up & then slam into me. The next thing I remember was trying to hit the breaks because I didn't want to end up on the lawn. I don't know why I would find that important after being in a head on crash. The next thing I heard was a knock on my window from a police officer who was trying to open my door but couldn't due to the front bumper being lodged under the door. Two bewildered gentlemen ran from the Subway to assist the police officer. Before I knew it paramedics were speaking with me about going to the nearest hospital. Soon I was loaded on a backboard/stretcher into the back of the ambulance. While at this time I was in surprising minimal pain, I still felt tears streaming down my face. Soon Jeff was in the ambulance doing just what I needed, cracking jokes about the condition of the car saying "there is a chance you might not be able to drive that car anymore." What Jeff & I have found in this life of issues is that humor is what need in order to handle some of life's tough situations. When I arrived at the ER they sent me in for some x-rays to make sure nothing was broken. I was amazed that just 3 hours later I was walking out of the hospital.

On the ride home I jokingly reminded Jeff just how boring his life would be with out me. And then we spoke about how blessed we are that Swayer was not in the car with me (I was on my way home after dropping her off for her first day of preschool) & that even though my situation is definitely not ideal I do have so much to be thankful for & when I really think about it I have a pretty great life, mostly due to the people that surround me. While resting in the ER both of our phones were receiving text messages & phone calls of concern & love. I wondered how the heck people knew about the accident as I was still trying to take in the fact that I had just been in a accident. I defiantly wasn't surprised to find that my brother Trevor took the time to write a concerned post asking for prayers and good vibes for his little sister. I was shocked to see over 100 comments from people that I didn't even know saying that I was in their prayers. I truly believe that is one of the main reasons why I walked away with only a few cuts, bumps, & bruises. Who would have ever thought that Facebook could be such a blessing. 

While Ive been reflecting the past few weeks I absolutely believe that my heavenly father was watching over me & that for whatever reason this happened to me for a reason & that I need to take this experience and learn from it. 

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