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Monday, April 11, 2016


Recently I have really been focusing on my health. I know that sounds weird considering my current health status, but I have noticed over the past 6 years of my diagnosis that I have basically been like a medication robot. Every morning I wake up grab my pill bag and pill case and begin the pill taking "countdown".

This is my norm, I feel like I need these pills to get through the day and to sleep at night. Which is totally fine. I am honestly not bothered by this at all. No its not like I take the pills and fill like I can now conquer the world and the my MS no longer exists. It does however give me the energy and strength I need to fulfill my daily tasks. But I feel that this is not enough. I need not only the ability to complete my tasks of the day but the confidence that I can do them.

Here is where the word can't comes in. In order to be healthy in body I finally realized that my mind needs to be healthy as well. I am constantly told how positive I am and that my attitude is remarkable.   I do feel blessed to have a positive outlook on my life, but I also feel that I tend to put on a good show. Some days all I want to do is mope around and feel bad for myself, which does absolutely nothing for me and only declines my health more. 

So I have decided that step one of my mental health journey it to eliminate the word can't. I remember very clearly in my first grade classroom a wreath hanging in the front of the classroom that read "can't died in the cornfield". I am eliminating that word from my vocabulary so I don't tell my body what it can or can't do before I even try.
no more excuses saying "I can't because of MS" 
you are what you think!

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