MS & I

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


So I have been thinking lately about needing to "blog" more & would like to set a goal of 1 post a month. & my reasoning behind this is so I can keep my goals. Lets be honest we have all had a list of goals & maybe stuck with it for about a week or two. I tried think back to when I did stick to my "schedule". High school was the first thing that came to mind, remembering all those early morning work outs for the drill team. & I asked myself why did I do so well with showing up every morning at 5am for three years? Well let's be honest it was REALLY hard, no teenager is happy about getting to school when it is still dark. Anyways... getting back to the subject. I did so well because other people were depending on me, I had a team to motivate me. So I figured if I share my goals, hopes, & dreams it will remind me of how important those goals are, & that I have an "audience" of sorts to see what I have accomplished. So that being said, my first goal is to write a blog post at least once a month. This will force me to type! Something that I have been struggling with since being diagnosed with MS. I will think of it as a way to "exercise" my left hand. A little physical therapy if you will.

So to sum it all up, I need to know that I have a "team" supporting me & cheering me on with the goals to defeat this nasty disease. 


  1. I would love to hear more about your journey!

  2. I had a friend like your post on FB. I would love to hear more!