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Monday, April 8, 2013

MS Backwards...

Well I like to think that the meaning of MS backwards would stand for something like SUPER MOM. Cheesy I know, but that’s what I am hoping for. Yes Jeff and I are expecting this August. I am now 21 weeks along and all though I wasn’t too happy about this to begin with this little girl is starting to grow on me… literally. Yes it is a GIRL. I can already tell that I have my work cut out for me. Jeff has been over the moon since this announcement and cannot wait to be the daddy of a princess.
Since in my mind MS backwards stands for Super Mom you might be wondering how my MS has been doing since this little girl entered my life/body. I can sum it up in one word… wonderful. When we found out that we were pregnant the first thing was to notify my MS doc of the good yet scary news. The first thing that I was told to do was to go off all of my MS medication immediately. That was in December, since then my MS has been totally under control, no complaints here.  It is a certain blessing that I am able to carry a healthy baby and that this baby is making me healthier at the same time.
I have been extremely lucky in the fact that I have not had to deal with morning sickness. I think I felt worse not being pregnant than I do now.  All of my doctor’s appointments are going great and the baby is healthy. I did go to my first MS appointment since being pregnant and I am doing fabulous!
I am so excited to meet this baby girl and only hope and pray that my health stays on a steady course so that I am able to raise her and be a super mom. 
WOW I am going to be a mom...


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  2. Congratulations on your good news and your good health since you became pregnant. Do you mind if I ask you what MS medications you were taking when you got pregnant? My daughter-in-law was on Tysabri.

  3. Excited for you, Sam! That's wonderful news! You WILL be a supermom.