MS & I

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Third treatments a charm...

It is time for a good update that came about one month ago.. I started a treatment called Tysabri after my last MRI came back showing more lesions meaning the medication was not working. So it was on to the third treatment. A once a month 2 hour infusion of the medicine Tysabri. After six months of being on the treatment I was in for yet another MRI and blood tests. First my blood work came back looking great, seemed that everything had doubled! (Except for my vitamin D levels). Then the MRI report saying that nothing had really changed since my last MRI (that’s good) and that they currently see no active lesions (that’s good too). So this is the first time in my year and a half of having M.S. that I get to stay on a medication longer then 6 months. I look forward to seeing what this treatment can do for me and hope for the best that it can make me feel better.


  1. Sam I'm so happy that your recent treatment is doing some good for you! I am praying that you'll be able to have as little progression as possible and hopefully this one really is the charm:)

  2. i have a friend that i used to work with, and she was also diagnosed with ms, and has been doing this treatment for a while, and it has helped SO much! sounds like it'll be the same for you! :) congrats!

  3. So happy that something working you guys, time to party and do awesome stuff.