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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Top 10 Worst and Best of 2010

Ringing in 2011!

Jeff and I were counting down the days until 2010 was over as we felt it was the most trying time of our marriage, but the we got to thinking how everything became a blessing in a way because we grew so much from these experiences.

Top 10 Worst

1. Being diagnosed with M.S.

2. No insurance

3. Jeff takes on two jobs and school

4. I never saw Jeff

5. I had to stop school

6. Depression

7. Pain

8. Medical bills

9. Feeling lazy and alone

10. No longer able to wear high heels

Top 10 Best

1. Learning from M.S.

2. We got great insurance

3. Medicine (love my meds!)

4. Two wonderful weeks in the hospital

5. I got Sally, my walker and had her bedazzled

6. Jeff’s hard work paid off and was accepted into PARAMEDIC SCHOOL!

7. Blessings

8. The relationship with loved ones grew

9. I love my job

10.G ot to go to Disneyland with the family (got to the front of all the lines!)

so you see in the end through all of our stuggles good came out of this and we are thankful for every bit of it. Ya so life sucks, but you got to get something out of it right?

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  1. Samantha, you are such a cutie! I am a lucky lady to have you for my son's wife! I love your blog...your posts are great! I am glad you don't have to have daily shots any more and that Jeff is doing well in paramedic school. I think you two are amazing! We love you both with all our hearts! You are both so beautiful and such great examples...