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Thursday, October 3, 2013

I haven't been "posting" anything about our little lady's condition because honestly I was a bit embarrassed. I was afraid that people would think that because of my MS I may have dropped her or something. That is not the case!

On the Day Sawyer was born, right away Jeff noticed there was something different about her left foot. After having a few different doctors look at it we took her to an orthopedic specialist at Primary Children's Hospital. At just a few days old we got the news that our little lady had a clubbed foot. 
before seeing the specialist the doctors were unsure if she would even need treatment and were hopeful that baby girl would grow out of it

Right when the orthopedic specialist saw her foot she began to put Sawyers first cast on. This was such a hard thing to go through even though it was something as silly as a cast, but in that moment I realized just how much I loved her and that if I could I would switch places with her in a heart beat.
We would find out that she would be needing 5 different cast over the next 5 weeks


We got to see her foot for the first time since getting her first cast. We were so pleased to see just how much process she had made!


Before getting her fifth cast on they had to cut her achilles tendon to fully "straighten" her foot out. We were not allowed in the room while they did the procedure. From what I heared she handled it very well...that night was a different story as the numbness wore off she started to feel the pain.

Today she got her final cast off! We were so excited for her to be "free" from the cast but we were soon to find out that her foot is so tender that the specialty shoes can cause a lot of pain for her.
it's been a long day for all of us and can only hope and pray that Sawyer will be able to adjust. 

She is so lucky to have her daddy to calm her down and that she is able to fall asleep while dealing with this change that she can't understand.

Sawyer will be wearing the brace for the next 3 months for 23 hours a day. After the 3 months she will then wear the brace every night until she is 3 years old.
We are so happy (yet sad) that we are able to get this taken care of at such a young age. The good news is that this will not stop her from crawling and walking when the time comes. And she will not even remember this ordeal when she gets older!

We are so proud of her and she has been an example of strength to us in so many ways.


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  3. I already commented on facebook but I will comment here too. I was in cast when I was a baby and had no idea until about a month ago when I was looking through old photos. I think it was for the same thing that your little girl has. My brother also had it as well but he had two casts one an each foot. You and Jeff are amazing parents and she is lucky to have both of you!