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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Left to right: my macu coworkers, Jeff & Martha Smith, Brad Sollis, Scott & Rocky Gramse, my dad sister & mom

April 30th was the annual Walk for M.S. event. This was the first time I have ever walked or should I say “rolled” in the event. I was a bit disorganized when I found out about the walk and waited a bit to long to get the word out to family and fiends. Because of my dads new venture as a “Sucks Button” sales men we decided to do some advertisement for it because everyone needs to know that M.S. sucks! Ok so a ton of things suck so why not have a button to take it out on? I am so thankful for all the wonderful supporters I had and will never forget that love shown to me that day. We had a blast doing the walk and can’t wait till next year when we can get a bigger and better M.S. Sucks team!

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  1. Sam...Lizzie and I will walk next year. Make sure to let us know! Love you! ~Julia